Producing exceptional vine-ripe tomatoes is family tradition for Fresh Pac’s growers. For decades, Fresh Pac has utilized the most advanced agricultural practices to grow vine-ripe tomatoes that are consistent in shape, color, firmness and flavor.

We grow our vine-ripe tomatoes in shadehouses in Baja California, where soil and climate conditions are ideal. The result is a great tasting tomato that delivers the flavor, color, firmness and nutrition that consumers want.

After harvest, each Fresh Pac vine-ripe tomato is professionally hand sorted for color, shape and size then place-packed in environmentally friendly kraft corrugate boxes or RPC containers.

Tomatoes contain lycopene, are a good source of vitamin A and are high in vitamin C. Fresh Pac vine-ripe tomatoes are perfect for slicing and dicing in salads, sandwiches and salsa.


Vine-Ripe Tomatoes
Vine-Ripe Tomatoes 18 lb. carton, place packed 3151 NA 80 1,700 -
2,200 lbs.
Vine-Ripe Tomatoes Single Layer, RPC 6411 3151 NA 70 1,500 lbs.
Vine-Ripe Tomatoes Two Layer, RPC 6413 3151 NA 70 1,800 -
2,000 lbs.
Availability:       May – JanuaryBecause tomatoes continue to ripen after harvest, it is important to store this hearty fruit in a dry, well-ventilated environment. We recommend that you avoid refrigeration, as vine-ripe tomatoes will loose their wonderful taste and texture when exposed to lower temperatures.