Jay Kawano


As President of Fresh Pac International, Jay Kawano has guided the company with the philosophy that a successful produce business must be built on solid relationships with growers, customers and the community. This core philosophy, coupled with Jay’s keen understanding of market dynamics, has established Jay Kawano and Fresh Pac as leaders in the produce industry.

After earning a degree in Agricultural and Managerial Economics from the University of California at Davis, Jay combined his business acumen with his family’s long heritage in California farming to help launch Fresh Pac. The company has realized significant and steady growth, due in part to Jay’s vision to build a dynamic organization with quality products and dedicated people.

Jay’s commitment to quality played a crucial role in Fresh Pac being one of the first marketers to establish rigid farming and sanitation practices for growing operations in Baja California. Jay has also served in leadership roles with the California Strawberry Commission and Tomato Advisory Board, providing his knowledge and commitment to both organizations in order to further the growth of the produce industry.

Roger Mathias


A native of Fresno, Roger Mathias grew up in a large produce family in the heart of California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley. After graduating from San Diego State University, Roger joined his father and brother at Ogee Packing where they sold the family’s fresh tomatoes. Roger also traveled annually to Brawley to sell winter vegetables and melons.

Roger ultimately moved back to San Diego to join the Stephens Company, selling their cucumber deal for three years. Roger also worked in Nogales for four years, selling the highly regarded Masters Touch tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers before joining Fresh Pac in 2001.

Prior to joining Fresh Pac in 2001, Roger worked with two other major growers selling their tomato, pepper and cucumber deals. Over the last twelve years, Roger’s experience in the produce business has been invaluable to Fresh Pac’s customers.

Roger understands the nuances of growing, packing and shipping Fresh Pac’s range of products, enabling him to supply the leading produce wholesalers and retailers across the country.

Emmanuel Navarro


A four-year starter and letterman on the El Camino High School varsity soccer team, Emmanuel Navarro knows the importance of teamwork. When Emmanuel’s uncle offered him the opportunity to work in Fresh Pac’s warehouse on weekends, the high school senior seized the opportunity.

Emmanuel quickly learned how to properly receive and load trucks and field incoming calls from customers, growers and truckers. Upon graduation, Emmanuel joined Fresh Pac’s operations team on a full-time basis.

Soon Emmanuel transitioned in to sales, working closely with Fresh Pac’s sales team and growers to ensure that customer’s orders were successfully fulfilled and delivered. Today, Emmanuel is directly responsible for providing dozens of local and regional wholesalers and retailers with the ideal mix of Fresh Pac’s fresh fruit and vegetables.

Lynn Madsen


Lynn Madsen has competed at the highest level both on and off the field. A San Diego native, Lynn was an All Conference defensive standout at the University of Washington prior to competing professionally in the NFL, CFL and USFL.

After his playing days were cut short due to injury, Lynn founded an industrial manufacturing company that supplied parts and accessories to the automotive industry. Over a ten-year period, Lynn built the company into a leading supplier to the North American automotive industry.

Recognizing that the produce business is not the hardware business, Lynn combines his competitive drive and strong business skills to consistently go the extra mile for Fresh Pac’s customers and growers.