Grape tomatoes have quickly become a consumer favorite for snacking and salads due to their convenient size, higher sugar content and crunchy taste.

Fresh Pac grape tomatoes deliver what consumers expect – a great-tasting tomato with perfect shape, deep red color and crunchy bite.

Our Baja California ranches offer the perfect micro-climate and shadehouses for growing grape tomatoes. Warm days, cool nights and fertile soil enable our growers to produce a steady supply of quality grape tomatoes.

Fresh Pac grape tomatoes are carefully packed in bulk cartons and in clear clamshells that are ideal for retail merchandising.

Grape tomatoes contain lycopene, are a good source of vitamin A and are high in vitamin C. Fresh Pac grape tomatoes are perfect for healthy snacking, entertaining and salads.


Grape Tomatoes
Grape Tomatoes 12 1 dry pint clamshells 4803 0-3338365585-7 120 1,000 lbs.
Grape Tomatoes 20 lb. cartons, loose 4803 NA 80 1,800 -
1,900 lbs.
Availability: June – January

Because tomatoes continue to ripen after harvest, it is important to store this hearty fruit in a dry, well-ventilated environment. We recommend that you avoid refrigeration, as grape tomatoes will loose their sweet taste when exposed to lower temperatures.